Artist's Proof By Roni Tochner Design Ltd
5 Pinsker st, Tel Aviv

Roni Tochner

RONI TOCHNER is an exotic, innovative and expressive jewelry designer.

Her creations are crafted and shaped in a way that has redefined the connection between Art and Craft. Having spent over twenty years in New York City, deeply involved in the world of art and dance, has greatly influenced her work.

Her jewelry lines feature a combination of high quality gems, pearls and diamonds set in a captivating blend of gold.  Using old and new gold-smithing techniques creates a very special signature of jewelry. Her unique designs are bold and strong yet sensitive and feminine. 

    • International Recognition

    • A remarkable international recognition of RONI TOCHNER. Marina earrings, from the collection of the Royal House of Romanov, as shown in the Italian Vougue Gioiello Magazine, May 2012 edition. This most important world's ...
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    • Hayahalom Newspaper Article

    • A kibbutz-born movement therapist, Roni Tochner, underwent a transformation, becoming one of Israel’s most interesting and intriguing jewelry designers
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